From collection, through preparation, input, transformation, output, and storage, we want to run your Information Management Cycle. 

Business Needs

We will help you prepare your information management cycle, by first learning your mission and vision, understanding your short, mid and long term goals, evaluating your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and analyzing your flow, processing and required outputs.

We will work with you on operational, managerial, and strategic levels. We can provide functional and technical requirements and a clear gap analysis.

Finally our data specialist can work with you to create technical designs for Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Dashboards.


Whether through scanning, with or without Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or through manual data entry, we digitize your paper-based information and provide electronically accessible archives.


We return processed data to the client, in an agreed upon format, for reintegration into their systems.


Concerned about business continuity? Is disaster recovery part of your information plan? At your request, we can store your scans and processed information as a backup for your peace of mind. We utilize the datacenters of Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Digicel and DataSur and work with you to determine the storage partner that best fits your needs.